Monday, August 5, 2013

No-Bake Butterfinger Fudge

The flavor of Butterfinger....the creaminess of fudge! A match made in heaven!!

*Note: I updated the photos and recipe for this by dipping the individual pieces of fudge in melted chocolate. The result is even better than the original! Enjoy!!

Hey, Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by today.....I hope you had a GREAT weekend! Ours was SO nice! We had a fun family night, made s'mores for the first time all summer, went to our 1 year old twin nephews' birthday party, had some friends over for a barbecue, and Greta learned how to ride a 2-wheel bike! (No more training wheels....woo hoo!!) I love having busy weekends....and so do the kids.....but when the end of the weekend rolls around, it is always clear that the kids have been having too much fun....and not enough sleep! And last night was no exception.

It was about 9:00 and Ellia was out of bed for the third time in an hour, telling us she couldn't fall asleep because of Greta. (A pretty typical complaint, since they share a bedroom and are constantly keeping one another awake...) So I headed upstairs to find Greta, in bed, crying, afraid to go to sleep because she was convinced she would have a bad dream. So we talked, and I snuggled her, and then I told her I really hoped she'd have only GOOD the ones I had when I was a kid!

I still remember my favorite childhood dreams, and I asked Greta if she wanted to hear them. Of course she I told her the one where Cabbage Patch Kids were all over our sidewalk when I woke up in the morning....and they were all mine to keep (!) And the one where I was on the school bus and I saw some money on the ground....and it turned out the entire bus was full of money and I was the only one collecting it (!) And then there was the one where it was raining candy......!

I'm pretty convinced that I would have dreamed about this Butterfinger fudge as a kid, too! (Who am I kidding? It will so be showing up in one of my dreams soon!) With the delicious flavor of Butterfinger and the creamy texture of fudge, it's....well.....dreamy! And better yet, it's no bake.....which, in my book, means it's extra dreamy. Because you can't mess it up. And you can make it quickly and easily....even in the midst of a busy, sleep-deprived, bad dream kind of weekend.

No-Bake Butterfinger Fudge
1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese
2 sticks butter
5 1/2 c. powdered sugar
2 1/2 c. dry milk
1 (10 oz.) bag Butterfinger bites, finely crushed
2 tsp. vanilla
1 regular size Butterfinger candy bar, finely crushed
1 (16 oz.) package chocolate Candiquik (can substitute 16 oz. chocolate chips melted with 1 Tbsp. shortening) 

*Note: I updated this recipe by adding the melted chocolate (step 5). For the original recipe, simply cut and serve instead of dipping in chocolate :)

1. Bring cream cheese and butter to room temperature.
2. Add first 6 ingredients to a large bowl and mix with hands until thoroughly combined.
3. Press into buttered 9x13 inch pan.
4. Top with additional Butterfinger candy bar.
5. Refrigerate until firm. Cut into squares. Melt chocolate Candiquik and dip fudge squares into it; set on wax paper to harden. 
6. Store in refrigerator.

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  1. This Butterfinger fudge is melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Thanks for sharing! ☺

  2. oh this would be dream come true when i make them! :)

  3. This fudge looks fabulous! You have the best recipes! I will be making this Butterfinger fudge soon!


  4. Best fudge ever! OMG this is awesome. I want it to rain fudge in my dreams tonight!

  5. Yay! I'm marking this recipe for holiday giving in fear I could devour too much, it looks so yummy! Can you use other candy too ( huge Reeses fan)? I love no bake stuff, thanks Cathy!!!

  6. Wow this looks amazing and I want some of your good FOOD dreams :)

  7. Butterfinger Fudge.... sounds like heaven!!! Found you over at Time to Sparkle. I am co-hosting Tasty Tuesdays this week and would love for you to link up this recipe.
    Lori’s Culinary Creations

  8. Butterfingers were my favorite candy bars as a teenager! I would have a Butterfinger and a Mountain! This fudge sounds amazing and I love that it is no bake!

  9. Yum, this fudge looks fantastic! I really like all the Butterfinger pieces that would be in every bite! I'm pinning this!

  10. Holy cow, this looks so yummy! And super easy! Thanks for this recipe, Cathy!

  11. Oh NO YOU DIDN'T...this sounds amazing, and quick, great for a last minute take away to a party...can't wait to make.

  12. OMG, Cathy! How are you not 400 pounds!! SO DECILIOUS!!!

  13. Oooooo.... I love Butterfingers! They are one of my favorite candy bars and this fudge looks so yummy. ;)
    Thank you for sharing at Marvelous Mondays this week!

  14. pinned this! it looks so yummy!!

  15. This buttermilk is an easy recipe. I used variety of my favorite chopped candy bars sprinkled between each layer and as a coating for a sweet, crunchy surprise. This will quickly become a family favorite.

  16. This looks awesome!!! We would love it if you would link up at our linky party:
    Live every Wednesday to Sunday.
    Hosted by: Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off Dana @ This Silly Girl’s Life
    We hope to see you there!

  17. Cathy! I'm going to be dreaming about this fudge now! Butterfingers are a weakness of mine. Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Treasures, I just had to share this on my FB page!

  18. Good work, posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this blog regularly, thanks for the writeup!
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  19. I'm not a huge fan of fudge but this makes me want to grab a piece, it looks delicious. We don't get butterfingers over here. Wish we did.

  20. Wow! This looks deee-licious! We’d love to have you share your recipe at our weekly Saturday Link Party ! Deb @


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