Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leaf Rubbings Reimagined


Paper. Crayons. Leaves.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most beautiful.

Like Fall colors. Collecting leaves. Memories of childhood art projects.



The best part about this project wasn't the time spent collecting leaves with my kids. It wasn't the  process of choosing the right colors of paper to match the colors of Fall. It wasn't the careful peeling of the paper off the white crayon.

No, the best part of this project was the way it transported me back to the simplicity of childhood. The way I lost track of everything going on around me. The fact that the most important thing to me was how well I was able to capture the details of the leaf on the paper.


Hanging them was pretty fun, too. I decided to install curtain rods in our front entryway (I used REstyle Decorative Cafe Rods in Warm Metal).

REstyle also makes these clip rings.

The finished product is a simple, yet beautiful tribute to the glory of Fall. And proof that there is, indeed, great beauty in simplicity.

Thanks for taking a peek inside my Lemon Tree Dwelling!
I hope you feel right at home :)


  1. Cathy these are gorgeous!! You should share them all over the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks Lisa!! I wish I knew how to do that... :)

  3. The leaf rubbings are so pretty.... I especially like how you hung them! You are so talented! Has anyone ever told you that before? I hope they do all the time....

    hugs, Crystelle

    1. Hi Crystelle, Thank you so much - that is a really nice compliment! Speaking of talented - I checked out your creations. What a wonderful collection of beautiful things! :)

  4. So freakin' cute! :)

    ...come do that in my entry way!

  5. Thanks Meaghan!! easy

  6. Creative, colorful, and inexpensive.
    I'm imagining snowflakes, hearts, shamrocks, Easter eggs...
    The girls would love to help with this.

    1. Good ideas! I do like the fact that it's easy to change for different seasons. I'll have to consult with you when the time comes :)

  7. So cute.... I love this post and the trip back to simple childhood fun. Thanks :)


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