Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am SO not in Control

My mom's favorite mantra when things seem to be going awry is, "I am not in control." Well, my mom is in Spain right now, and it seems that, while she's away, I may be channeling her energy.

Let me back up.

It all stated last Monday, when we had an electrician come to begin addressing the problem of darkness/cavishness that is rampant in our home.
This could not be more exciting. We had him start in the Kitchen (which, in his opinion, I should really consider painting a different color...but that's beside the point) and asked him to put 3 recessed lights over the peninsula. Simple enough, one would think. Well... 5 hours, 3 extra drywall holes, and a sit-down dinner with him (complete with step-by-step instructions on how to construct a log cabin) later, we still did not have working lights. He came back Tuesday, got the lights working, tore apart our Family Room, and took the rest of the week off. No big deal, he said, since we're not planning on hosting any parties anytime soon. (!?)

And so... we've been living like this:

I am not in control.

On Tuesday night, Jorden decided to start another Family Room project - a fireplace makeover! The first step was simple: Spraypaint the doors with a heat-proof paint

The second step was messier: Mix a bucket of mortar and use it to fill in the grooves between bricks
After applying the mortar, it needs to sit for at least a week. So.... now we are also living like this:

 I am not in control.
Fast forward to Sunday. My car is parked and I am just getting into it. CRASH! I am front-ended by someone pulling into the parking spot in front of me. How does that even happen!?
I am so not in control.
And I am NOT happy about it.
But the real kicker was Sunday afternoon, when I decided to take Ellia and Greta to Goodwill to look for Halloween costumes. We had been there a good half hour, looked at dozens of princess dresses, fairy wings, ladybugs, witches (all of which had been promptly rejected by my little ones), when we saw IT. No way, I said. But Greta finally convinced me to let her try it on.  I said yes ONLY because I knew that was the only way to stop the incessant begging. I said yes ONLY because I knew that was the only way to help her move past the obsession. I said yes ONLY because I KNEW it wouldn't fit her!
And I was right! It totally didn't fit her (go figure...a 12 month size didn't fit a 4 year old!??) some small miracle she could zip it. And...she absolutely LOVED it.
No. Way.  I AM IN CONTROL. My 4 year old will NOT be wearing a 12 month costume for Halloween.  It's not going to happen. NOT.
I always say life has a way of teaching you the lessons you need to learn. So what am I supposed to learn from all of this?
Not to hire random electricians....?
Not to let Jorden do anything involving mortar....?
Not to park my car in spaces that face other cars....?
Not to let my 4 year old try on 12 month old clothing....? (maybe)
Or maybe, just maybe, my life is trying to teach me that I am not in control, and that's okay. Because maybe, just maybe, being in control is over-rated.
Thanks for taking a peek inside my Lemon Tree Dwelling!
I hope you feel right at home :)


  1. Of all the things I have seen Greta wear . . . this is my ABSOLUTE favorite! And lack of control is the reason that I regularly show up at your house at 3 p.m. demanding wine. : )

  2. I'm back from my trip, so you can let me be the one who's not in control again/still.
    Greta definitely has a unique flair. Gotta love it!


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