Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Banana Colada Smoothie

Banana Colada Smoothies - all the flavors of a pina colada, with the delicious addition of banana, 
in a tasty treat the whole family can enjoy!

Have I mentioned that I have a family of sweet tooths? I guess it should come as no surprise, really...I have a pretty powerful sweet tooth, myself, and it doesn't help that every other day I am making a new treat to share with all of you! The only good news? At least all the treats I'm making aren't going to waste....! Nope - we eat every last one of them!

Which is why, every now and then, I need to find new ways to satisfy the needs of my sweet tooth family without completely ignoring our health! One of our favorite {healthy} sweet treats? Smoothies! I love making smoothies because they are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack, they can be shared by everyone, and the flavor possibilities are endless! So much fun for someone like me, who loves to fiddle with flavors!

Since my kids have recently discovered a love for coconut, I've been adding it to more and more of our sweet treats. And when you think of coconut, you naturally think of pineapple. And then your mind wanders to other tropical fruits, and after considering a few, you settle on pineapple. And there you have it! A Banana Colada Smoothie. Just as delicious and refreshing as the real deal, and something the whole family can enjoy together! Especially this family of sweet tooths.

Banana Colada Smoothie
1 c. frozen banana chunks
1 c. frozen pineapple chunks
1/2 c. lite coconut milk
1/2 c. pineapple juice
1/8 c. sweetened shredded coconut, plus more for garnish

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and top with additional coconut as desired.


Be sure to check out another delicious smoothie recipe while you're here!

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  1. Oh man this sounds delicious and refreshing! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  2. Hi Cathy! I agree with you, when I make smoothies very rarely I add alcohol to them for my kids to enjoy! I also have a Banana Colada smoothie as brilliant minds think alike...if you want to check it out visit my blog and check the post 15 Delicious Summer-Spring Drinks, it will take you to my Banana Colada smoothie and a couple more! Thanks for sharing, looks yummy!
    Lizy @

  3. Yeah! I an recipe for my new blender! I'm totally into the smoothies lately and I think I will certainly enjoy this! I'll be making big batches as I'm sure my whole family will love them!

  4. This is awesome! I am SO making this. Smoothies are my new fav. Then I follow them with cookies. ;)

  5. Oh my word, Cathy. I need one of these TODAY!

  6. Oh my word that sounds soooo yummy!! Totally going to make this and so appreciate you sharing it at the Fun in the Sun linky party! :-)
    P.S. We will be featuring this on FB today!

  7. Looks delicious Cathy!! Have you tried the coconut crisps at TJ's?? OMG. Don't. They are super addictive.

  8. Mmmm this sounds so good! I should buy more frozen fruit to use for smoothies, I know I'd drink them more often if I had ready-to-go frozen fruit. Great recipe :)


  9. Wow this looks so delish. I know my kids will love this. This is such an awesome post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us!


  10. Thanks for sharing this it looks absolutely delish! I'm in love with all thing coconut like the coconut cream pie milkshake from sonic... I think this will be a lot better for me :) can't wait to try it

  11. I love smoothies and anything banana/tropical flavored! These smoothies sound awesome!

  12. This sounds like love in a cup; great flavor combination! Saw it on Mop It Up Monday ~ pinning!
    Kim @ *Soliloquy Of Food & Such*

  13. Hi, I'm a new follower from the weekend hop. That sure looks delicious! I love the addition of coconut!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


  14. Must try this out. I am your newest follower. Would be much appreciated if you follow me back.
    Pinning this.
    Thank you,

  15. I want that in my tummy right now lol. It looks delicious and refreshing! Going on my to-do list! Thanks for linking up at the SaltTree Social!

  16. My boys would love this smoothie - and so would I! Pinning :)

  17. I LOVE smoothies... looks refreshing and delicious! Thanks so much for coming to share at Super Saturday Show & Tell... you've been Featured! Come on over and grab a button. Love to have you share again- Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo ~Ruthie


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