Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cookie Butter Morning Buns

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls stuffed with Cookie Butter and brown sugar and topped with a cinnamon-brown sugar mixture....baked to perfection, and the perfect way to start your day!

I didn't really plan on making these. No....they were more the result of circumstances this past Sunday morning which led me to care about nothing more than satisfying my kids. Let me explain. Last Thursday, Jorden went to visit a childhood friend in Washington, D.C. He was gone for the entire weekend, and although we are no strangers to him being gone for a few days at a time (he occasionally travels for work) there was something about knowing he was gone "on pleasure" that was different than knowing he's gone "on business".

What was different? Well, the best way to describe it is that, this time, I felt entitled. Entitled to make life easier for myself, to have a not-miserable four days....maybe even to have some fun?! After all, I was hearing all about the delicious foods he was eating (multiple small plate meals - my favorite!) and the fun nights out he was having.....and the last thing I wanted to be doing was eating leftovers and falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm!

So after school and soccer and responsibilities, I did some things to make his time away more enjoyable for all of us! Like Topper's and a movie night for the kids, and a girls' night in for me! (wine and risotto + close friends is always a good night in my book!) Like playing with the neighbors all day long and ordering sushi for a special treat after everyone was tucked in bed! And then, Sunday morning, like these Cookie Butter Morning Buns. Because no matter how much I was doing to make Jorden's time away more enjoyable...the truth is, it's still exhausting to be a single parent....even if it was only for four days! 

And so, as the kiddos watched Henry Hugglemonster and I drank my morning coffee, I dreamed up these morning buns and surprised them with a special Sunday morning treat. And in 15 minutes flat, they went from missing Daddy to thinking maybe Mommy was pretty cool, after all. And between the three of them, they wiped the plate clean. And I was totally fine with it.

Cookie Butter Morning Buns
1 package Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
3 Tbsp. cookie butter
4 tsp. + 2 Tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 Tbsp. cinnamon
melted butter

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2. Unroll crescent roll into triangles; fill each with 1 tsp. cookie butter and 1/2 tsp. brown sugar
3. Roll into crescent shape, starting at shortest side of triangle and rolling to opposite point.
4. Bake 10-12 minutes.
5. In a small, combine 2 Tbsp. brown sugar and 1/2 Tbsp. cinnamon. Divide evenly among baked crescent rolls and drizzle with melted butter.


Looking for another delicious Crescent Roll recipe? Check out my Cherry Cheesecake Breakfast Bundles!

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  1. Starting the day with a cookie butter morning bun and a cup of good coffee would make mornings a lot more enjoyable. Yum! ☺

  2. I've never heard of Cookie Butter! I think I'm missing out on something huge!!

    1. Have you received a reply on what cookie butter is? I'd like to know also!

    2. Hi ladies! Cookie butter is also known as biscoff spread. It is made from crushed biscuits and is reminiscent of gingerbread. You can find cookie butter at Trader Joe's or biscoff spread at Target. I'm guessing it is also sold at major grocery stores. Hope this helps!!

    3. Thank you, because I was feeling a little clueless.

    4. Thank you, because I was feeling a little clueless.

  3. Oh my, these look fabulous! That would certainly make my morning. :)

  4. Oh my! These look delicious, what a great way to start the day. I would love for you to share these morning buns on my Sweet Tooth blog link party.

  5. If I served these to my kids while my husband was gone, we'd all be saying "daddy who?" Seriously fantastic! I am in love with cookie butter and that center creamy center is outstanding! Good for you for treating yourself!

  6. Dang those look delicious! Sounds like a great little treat :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  7. What a great treat and I think they would fitting for anytime of the day...like NOW! Thanks for the yummy goodness!

  8. It's like I've been starting my mornings wrong my entire life! These look so freaking good.

    And high five for treating yourself. We all deserve some time for ourselves like that.

    Oh, and Henry Hugglemonster... I dunno. I'm trying to like it but I can't. My son digs it, but something about it is just annoying to me. And sue me for being judgmental over a cartoon that is not geared towards adults! I'm a sucker for Phineas & Ferb and Gravity Falls though.

    Ok, I'm done. Sorry. Haha

  9. totally tried cookie butter for the first time this weekend...on pancakes and about died. i will def have to try this.. sounds aaaaaah-mazing.

  10. this one is really perfect to starting the day. 3 pieces of it and coffee! yummy

  11. Those look delicious!!! Looks like the perfect way to start the day :)

  12. Oh, this look wonderful! I am pretty sure I just may be featuring these in one of my round-up posts for Cookie Butter Week on my blog next week. ;)

    Thank you for sharing a Marvelous Mondays!

  13. what a great idea! I've wanted to try that cookie butter and now I have a perfect excuse to pick some up ;)

  14. These look delicious! Found you over at Domestic Superhero! Following you via GFC, Google+, and Facebook! Would love for you to swing by www.livingbettertogether.com and follow me back!

  15. These look incredible! Can you believe I have yet to try cookie butter? Looks like I'm missing out! Thanks for sharing at Time to Sparkle : )

  16. Cookie Butter is amazeballs, love that stuff! Stop on over and link these up at our 1st SUPER SUNDAY Linky Party, we'd love to have them:

    Not Your Average Super Moms!

  17. Love using crescent rolls! These look amazing! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  18. Now that is exactly what I need in the morning! Yum!

  19. Re: the cookie butter conundrum - I've seen it at Walmart. Love the stuff! Peanut butter w/out the peanuts! And thanks for a great recipe.


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